5 Errors That Prevent You from Winning More with Google Adsense

5 Errors That Prevent You from Winning More with Google Adsense

  • Do you use Google Adsense as the main source of income for your Blog?
  • So, at some point you have asked yourself:
  • Why am I not earning the amount of money I expected? What am I doing wrong?
  • Here is the answer to your questions.
  • In this article I present the 10 errors that you may be committing at this moment, which prevent you from reaching the maximum potential of your Blog!
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1- Bad location of the Ads

The placement of ads is vital when generating revenue. If your Google Adsense ads are not located in the most visible parts of your blog, they will not receive Clicks!

The best areas to place your ads are:

  • Header – Recommended Ad Format:
  • Top area of ​​your Sidebar – Recommended Ad Format:
  • Top left area of ​​your Posts – Recommended Ad Format:

5 Errors That Prevent You from Winning More with Google Adsense

2- Do not publish regularly

If you have just started your blog, you need to constantly publish quality content, to create a community of readers and followers willing to support you in your projects.

Community of readers = Visits = Clicks on ads = Money!

3- Write confusingly

When writing your articles, verify that they are understandable, that they deal with a specific topic and that the topic is easily identifiable.


Google Adsense uses a robot that analyzes your page, to determine which ads to show. Then, if the robot gets confused, and can not identify what the page is about, it will not be able to show ads related to the topic. Decreasing this way, your CTR.

4- Bad Titles

The title must contain the keywords of the Post, and those keywords also influence the analysis that Google Adsense Robots do to show the ads on your page.Try to write about relevant and popular topics, since they are the announcements on those topics that generate the best income.

5- Never show alternative ads

When creating an ad in Google Adsense, we have the option to add alternative ads, which shows when your robot can not analyze your page or find any related ads.This type of (alternative) ads can be very useful, because if Google Adsense does not show ads to readers of X article, you will not generate income for that article!


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